Harnessing technology, advancing student potential: digital media in education


By Kevin Yaley, Head of Francis Parker School

Advances in digital technology seem to move faster than the speed of light; and today, innovations that only yesterday hovered in the realm of the futuristic are suddenly part of the mainstream. From smart phones and tablets to social media platforms and podcasts, these once space-age tools are now everywhere, from boardrooms to local businesses to our children’s back pockets. Clearly, the time to include

digital media in education is now

: as noted in a recent piece for

The Atlantic

, new media tools have become an essential component for effective communication, and students must acquire both the skills and responsibility to utilize them effectively in the world of tomorrow.

Digital media education is a burgeoning field; and in light of this, independent schools pose an ideal arena for the exploration and integration of technologically advanced tools and techniques within a college preparatory curriculum. At Francis Parker School, we believe that forward-thinking educators have a responsibility – to their students and peers alike – to lead the way in creative teaching modalities. By incorporating digital media into our progressive approach, we hope to realize one of our core missions as educators: namely, to break down barriers between the classroom and the world at large, and to prepare our students for an informed and engaged future as fluent citizens of a global community.

Reading, writing…and blogging? Redefining literacy at Francis Parker School

The proliferation of digital media has revolutionized 21


century communication; and now, educators must keep up in order to ensure that students graduate with the tools necessary to share ideas and exchange information – from reading, writing and speaking to blogging, Tweeting and social networking. Digital literacy has become as essential as conventional communication skills for today’s students; and by teaching with a diverse array of media tools and texts, educators can introduce students to cultural variety and artful discourse with unprecedented scope and limitless potential.


Francis Parker School

, our K-12 students receive an education inspired by the necessities for success in today’s world; and to this end, they not only learn to read and write with pen and paper, but also to become technologically literate – and to use multimedia texts and information as an asset in the accumulation and assimilation of information and ideas. Our goal for Parker students is simple: to set them on a path that will let them go as far as the mind can see. Learn more about our celebrated

private school in San Diego