Great Kindness Challenge at Solana Santa Fe

Solana Santa Fe recently appointed a new student council for the school year. They will be focusing on community service and school projects. Their first task was promoting The Great Kindness Challenge, a nationwide event started by Kids For Peace based in San Diego. The goal was to encourage a culture of kindness at the elementary school. All students were given a checklist of 50 kind acts and they spent the week working independently, in small groups or as a class to complete the challenges. The student council is standing in front of a poster they created for the event.

Grace Creelman, Melanie Molina-Lopez and Alissa Katouzian added their names to a kindness poster during The Great Kindness Challenge week at Solana Santa Fe.

Parent advisor Kathleen Schrebier, Kamila De La Fuente, Joseph Phillips, Zachary Faith, Morgan Schreiber, Ali Youel and Cooper Mortimer.

Photos courtesy of Stacey Phillips