Grauer School students launch school record label

Grauer School music students released the first album from their school record label at a Café Night that was held on Feb. 23 in the Great Hall on the campus located in Encinitas during which students performed their works. Grauer drama class students joined in the celebration by performing dramatic scenes on stage at this interactive creative arts event.

The collaborative effort to produce the CD included over 25 students that began the creative process under the direction of Grauer School teacher Sean Francis Conway in October of 2011. There are 10 students featured on the CD, who composed and recorded the tracks: Sister by Devon Rawlings; Colorful Cerebellum by Skyler Pia; Dying to Believe by Sage Stahmer and Nick Arnold; Lilacs by Kelsey Ellison; Improv by Matthew Higgins; Le Bungled by Casper Messmann; Bedroom Noises by John Kray; Winter’s Coming by Kelsey Ellison and Alicia Holliday; Neocracy by Matthew Meyer; Ode to Joyous Imperfection by Mathew Meyer and Treebark (a song to be listened to with headphones) by Jake Kelsoe. The music was recorded and engineered by the Grauer School recording arts club led by teacher Karren Waller. Additional creative input was provided by Dalton DeFrank, Keanan Gottlieb, Stewart Wirick, Dominique Hoffman, Alex Espinosa and Ben Murrant and others; Lauren Predki, Matthew Meyer and Kelsey Ellison designed the CD sleeve artwork.

According to Grauer Music Teacher Sean Francis Conway, “There is a different kind of thought process that goes into putting your work into recorded form. With all of the decisions that it takes to put together the overall concept of a record label, and then to produce a CD under that umbrella, it gives students a chance to understand how much work goes into producing music and art. One of the things I really hope students take away from working with The Grauer School Record Label is that even if you are not a performer, you can still have a very musical and artistic mind that plays a very important role in actually making music happen.” The students are selling the CD for a $7 suggested donation that will be applied toward producing a second CD.

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