Grauer School graduates Class of 2013


The Grauer School’s graduating class of 21 students were honored Friday, June 7, with a graduation ceremony held at The Grauer School in Encinitas. Dr. Stuart Grauer, The Grauer School’s founding Head of School, presented the keynote address and faculty members individually recognized each senior.

Grauer_Graduation_02The ceremony included musical performances by graduating seniors Casper Messmann, Stewart Wirick, Scarlett McCarthy, Braidy Gruzd, Alicia Holliday, John Kray and Forrest Gitlin, as well as speeches by graduating seniors Martha (Tita) Gonzalez, Trustees Annual Service Award recipient Keanan Gottlieb, Leadership Award co-recipient Rayna Shah, and Leadership Award co-recipient Forrest Gitlin. Keenan Jones received The Grauer School’s highest graduation honor, the Resourcefulness Award.

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