Good Guys of Morgan Run in Rancho Santa Fe give checks to injured veterans


By Karen Billing

The Good Guys of Morgan Run specialize in giving a little back to those who sacrifice so much for this country. On Dec. 16, they held a holiday luncheon for nine amputees, Army and Marine veterans of Afghanistan.

The wounded warriors are currently recuperating at Balboa Hospital or at the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton.

Bert Poncher helped start the group 10 years ago with George Moulios. The Good Guys were simply a group of Morgan Run golfing buddies who wanted to support the military.

They started that first year with a golf tournament and were able to raise $15,000. Last year they were able to raise $350,000.

“We have no expenses, everything is volunteer 100 percent,” Poncher said. “Every penny raised goes to the wounded.”

For a full year, the Good Guys (about 50 participants in the group) fundraise, with a big event in the spring featuring an auction and nearly 400 attendees. Checks are handed out to around 50 to 60 wounded soldiers.

Throughout the year, the Good Guys support a 24-7 Emergency Fund where a soldier’s family in need can immediately receive a $500 check. They also give gas credit cards for families that may live in Oceanside and need to travel to Balboa to visit loved ones.

They host smaller events, such as last week’s luncheon, as well. At the Dec. 16 luncheon, each of the nine amputees, some of whom had lost an arm, leg or both legs, received a check for $5,000. The afternoon is moving and Poncher couldn’t help but get a little tearful when speaking about helping these military men.

“Every time I give out a check I get a little choked up,” said Poncher. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

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