Rancho Santa Fe Girl Scout completes final project for Gold Award

Brittany Black, a Rancho Santa Fe resident and member of Girl Scout Troop 1082, recently finished her last project to earn her Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can achieve before exiting Girl Scouts. Brittany will submit her project for final review in the next month.

For her project, Brittany worked through Community Housing Works to tutor kids who were falling behind in school for several reasons.

“Most notably, these kids speak a language other than English as their first language,” said Brittany. “The ages range from elementary through high school, but most of the kids that come in for help are in elementary school. My project is called ‘Literacy Project’ because my focus was to help a lot of these students that need help just learning their basic reading skills.

“Throughout the seven months I tutored, I not only worked with students on their reading skills, but I helped them with their homework, most notably math which a majority of the kids were struggling with.”

The duration of Brittany’s project was 23 weeks, tutoring once a week for two-three hours a session beginning at the start of December and ending in mid-June. She worked at two different Community Housing Works, one in Poway and the other in Carlsbad “to ensure a global impact.”