Girl Scout Troop 1651 members seek to add foreign language to Rancho Santa Fe School’s curriculum

Girl Scout Troop 1651 members are Brownies in the second grade at R. Roger Rowe School. Jolene Perry is the leader of the Troop. According to Perry, “they have been working on completing a journey named ‘Quest.’ In doing so, they were prompted to brainstorm positive changes that can be made in their community. The girls decided they’d like to see foreign language added to their school’s extracurricular activities. They wrote a letter to RSF School District Superintendent Lindy Delaney.”

The letter is below:

November 30, 2012

Dear Ms. Delaney,

We are second graders at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary and we are members of Rancho Santa Fe Girl Scout Troop 1651.

We are writing this letter because we would like foreign language added to our school curriculum. We feel that by learning a foreign language, we will be able to communicate better with our friends that speak foreign languages. We will also be better prepared for our future. Did you know that over half of the people that live in our world know more than one language?

If foreign language is added to our school it could be part of a “lunch club” or an elective that is offered for all grades. We would like to see Spanish and Sign Language as part of the added foreign language program. If you need our help, we are available to make posters to encourage other kids to join the foreign language program.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our ideas.


Brownie Troop 1651

Silke Brandrup, Jewel Perry, Devon Chocolek, Samantha Fried, Avery Slosar, Anna Brown, Clara Yanez, Lexi Moran, Chloe Luwa, and Ava Wehlage.