Getting ready to sell your home? Emotional detachment and marketing savvy are top priorities for homeowner success


By Vicki Johnson

Moving is an exciting yet stressful venture, and one that usually necessitates the sale of your current home in addition to the selection of a new one. Whether you are upgrading or downsizing,

getting ready to sell your home

can stir up myriad emotions ranging from nostalgia to resistance against your impending departure. According to a recent article for

Fox Business News

, these reactions – natural though they are – can be a roadblock to success when it comes to selling your home efficiently and for a good price. Before putting your house on the market, real estate experts recommend ensuring your readiness to sell by acknowledging the realities of the process and beginning to think of your home from a marketing perspective.

First and foremost, determine whether or not you are truly prepared to sell your home (assuming, that is, that you have the choice to sell now or defer until a later date). Some signs that you may need more time? Rejecting a real estate agent’s ideas for improving marketability, demanding a price beyond what the market can bear and refusing to de-personalize your space in order to attract potential buyers. If these issues are getting in the way of your relationship with your agent, consider waiting a bit longer before selling – and if you don’t have that option, talk to your agent about detaching from your home and request their advice on the matter.

Over the years, our homes can become an extension of ourselves -- or at least it can certainly feel that way once we’re faced with the prospect of moving on. And while it is important to cherish memories associated with a beloved home, it is also critical to detach those thoughts from the property itself in order to successfully market that home to a new buyer. When you are ready to put your house up for sale, begin by removing personal items – such as family photos, travel and sports memorabilia or spiritual iconography – and consider restoring highly customized paint or wallpaper colors to a more neutral shade. These gestures not only jumpstart the packing process, but also make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves making a home in your house – something that will ultimately serve you well when it comes to clinching a final sale.

Find a trusted real estate agent for personalized guidance and marketing tips

One of the great advantages to finding a competent and experienced local real estate agent is relying on her knowledge and expertise to help weather the hurtles involved in selling your home. As a

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