Friends of San Pasqual Academy volunteers make the Holidays special for foster teens

When we think of Holidays, we think of our families and loved ones and being able to spend precious time with them during this meaningful season. Holidays are particularly stressful for foster kids, who are constantly reminded of not being able to be in a traditional setting with family members. They have been placed under protective custody by the Court for various reasons. Abuse, neglect and negative memories have been part of their lives. At San Pasqual Academy, many of these foster teens are able to overcome this cycle of abuse and become productive adults. A special “San Pasqual Academy family” is created: one that provides stability, support, love and guidance. The volunteers of Friends of San Pasqual Academy are a key part of this support system. For more than 10 years, the volunteers have been dedicated to providing positive experiences to these foster students. Many lives have been changed as a result of these efforts.

The foster teens of San Pasqual Academy celebrated the start of the Holidays with many exciting activities. A festive party for the students was held at the unique school, which is both home and school for the foster teens of San Diego County. Many individuals and organizations donated items and, most importantly, their time and resources to make this Holiday special.

The party began with each student receiving a special Christmas stocking that had each student’s name on them. These beautiful stockings were filled to the brim with wonderful items that were collected and created by Ellie Cunningham, Monica Sheets, Teri Summerhays and National Charity League members.

Marc and Patty Brutten purchased an Ipod for each student and they also received a school sweatshirt, school duffle bag and a $100 gift card from Friends of San Pasqual Academy donors.

National Charity League members, coordinated by Teri Summerhays, collected t- shirts, pajama pants, sugar cookies and other items for the teens. Vicki Robbins also purchased pajama pants for many of the students. Karen Ventura baked over 300 cookies and Lois Jones purchased flashdrives for each student.

Becky Heitzman and her book club, Between The Lines, collected gift cards that were used as raffle items along with many other wonderful gifts that were purchased by Ellie Cunningham. Christmas trees for each cottage were purchased by Friends ofPLEA