Freedom Frontline’s ‘Informative Evening’


Freedom Frontline, an organization whose mission is to educate its members and others about the political process, held an “Informative Evening” on Nov. 13 at the Del Mar Hilton.

Genevieve Wood, a senior contributor for The Heritage Foundation, and Jason Cabel Roe, a Washington, D.C. veteran with more than 20 years’ campaign experience and knowledge of government policy, were speakers at the event. Both analyzed and gave a recap of the election results and what may be expected politically in 2016.

During the evening, members had the opportunity to elect candidates to Freedom Frontline’s board.

Freedom Frontline was born from Fairbanks Republican Women Federated, a local chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women. Ursula Kuster of Rancho Santa Fe, past president of FRWF, which recently closed its doors, agreed to head up Freedom Frontline.

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Photos by Jon Clark.