Finding the right San Diego real estate investors: it’s all about community, trust and personal connections


By Janet Lawless Christ


San Diego, real estate investors

are on the hunt for properties they can purchase, renovate, and sell at a profit. And while some homeowners may associate the act of selling to an investor with short sales and rock-bottom prices, the reality – especially throughout San Diego’s North County – is much more appealing. Here in Rancho Santa Fe, I am currently working with a group of experienced, reliable investor entities focused on all facets of the market, including high-end properties. These investors pay fair-market value in exchange for property that may benefit from repairs or remodeling: and for those looking to sell easily and efficiently, I believe they offer an ideal solution for my valued Rancho Santa Fe clients.

When to list your property – and when to let others do the work

Putting a property on the market can be a big job. From preparing your home with repairs and upgrades, professional cleanings and de-cluttering to scheduling open houses and meeting with potential buyers, selling a home can drain time, money and energy that many homeowners would rather spend elsewhere. Of course, there are those who enjoy this process; but for others, selling to a real estate investor poses a simpler, more convenient option that maximizes efficiency without sacrificing value.

Benefits of selling to investors

Selling to reputable Rancho Santa Fe investors comes with a host of benefits, with ease and efficacy ranking at the top of the list. Because investors are looking to put time and money into refurbishing their purchases, they aren’t looking for picture perfect homes. That means that busy homeowners who would rather focus their time and energy on customizing a new home can leave the work of repairs and remodeling at their old property to the buyer – and move on that much faster to the home of their dreams. In addition, many investors are cash buyers, meaning that sellers get the money for their home up front upon completion of the sale. Compare that with waiting to see if a prospective buyer’s loan will come through, and you can see why, after years of experience, I am teaming up with a select community of investors for a smooth, streamlined alternative to traditional sales.

Find the right buyer for your home with help from the Rancho Santa Fe expert

Selling to investors isn’t for everyone. But for those Rancho Santa Fe homeowners looking to leave the burdens and responsibilities of a big home behind for a luxury downsize, or simply seeking an easy, stress-free alternative to putting their home on the market, I have found a solution in the form of three experienced and reputable investor entities willing and eager to work with my clients.


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