Fencing to be replaced along lower half of Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association will soon begin replacing 7,000 linear feet of fencing along the lower half of the RFS Golf Club’s golf course. At its Feb. 6 meeting, the board approved $44,100 for the work, which is expected to begin next month.

The Trails and Recreation Committee, as well as the RSF Golf Club board, recommended the project.

According to Arnold Keene, field operations manager, the fencing provides a safety barrier between the trail and the golf course and also serves as a visual enhancement.

“A lot of the fencing is falling down, rotted and needs to be removed and replaced,” RSF Association director Philip Wilkinson said.

The new fence will be consistent with what is out there currently: a wooden, split-rail fence in keeping with the community look. In some spots they will be able to save on fencing because the brush has grown up, Keene said.

Funding for the project will come out of free reserves. Keene said the Finance Committee thought it was not in the best interest to use funds from the Community Enhancement Fund and, instead, thought it best to take it out of the free reserves fund. Additionally, the Association will establish $4,500 in reserves per year for the next 10 years.