Farewell, Neil...


I was shocked and extremely saddened to hear of Neil Armstrong’s untimely passing. America and the entire world will miss this courageous first human to leave the planet Earth and set foot on the moon. When I knew him he was a specimen of health, dedicated to the Apollo mission, and served as an example to all who worked with him. Neil was the only astronaut assigned to follow the Apollo Mission Simulator when I was the project manager during its early development phases, and I had the privilege of spending time with him. Of course, nobody knew that he would go down in the annals of history and discovery.

Less than five years ago Neil responded to my email:

“I was delighted to read your letter and learn of your autobiography ... I was interested in your remarkable history and believe that the readers will enjoy learning about all the obstacles you overcame in becoming a significant participant in the Apollo program. I send you my very best wishes. Neil A.”

The image of young Neil Armstrong is etched in my memory and I will miss him.

Robert Frimtzis, engineer and author, Rancho Santa Fe; “From Tajikistan to the Moon” a memoir