Entrance work for The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe approved

By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board March 21 approved new renovation work at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.

Robert Green, Association building commissioner, said the work is focused on the vehicular entrance off Linea Del Cielo. Currently this entrance is somewhat far from the door to the main building and sometimes causes confusion for guests, Green said.

In an effort to create a more welcoming entrance to the resort, the proposed changes include a small single story porch structure with a large fireplace, a fountain, some seating areas, planters and decorative tile.

The parking lot will also get additional landscaping with a tree, seating and planting which will result in the loss of two parking spaces. Green said The Inn is working on the possibility of re-striping the lot so no spaces will be lost.

“We’ve really enjoyed working with the Art Jury to come up with a resolution that meets everyone’s common desires,” said Jim Chatfield, senior vice president of Inn owners JMI Realty.

Chatfield said they aim to get the additions complete by July 4. He noted that the current grading work that can be seen on the property is re-leveling and re-sodding their lawn.

Chatfield said there haven’t been a lot of changes to The Inn’s renovation’s plans that the board approved last year, which includes adding a spa, refreshing the lobby, guestrooms, restaurant area and pool.

The only change was to their original plan to open up the existing bar into the lobby. The plan now is to move the bar to the current garden room, which will become the restaurant and bar.

“You will be able to sit at the bar and look into downtown Rancho Santa Fe,” Chatfield said.

Where the dining room is today will be a private dining and meeting room. The library will remain although they will “dress up” the fireplace and change out the flooring.

RSF Association Director Ann Boon said she likes the changes they have made already, as well as their future plans.

“It looks terrific, it’s going to be such a great enhancement for the community,” Boon said.