Encinitas real estate news: how to edge out multiple bidders when buying a San Diego coastal home


By Patricia Kramer and Patricia Lou Martin

Last month, we discussed recent improvements to Los Angeles and

San Diego coastal home sales

  1. These gains can be seen in higher-end areas throughout the country, and locally within Del Mar, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe and

Encinitas real estate

markets. The

Chicago Tribune

reports that, as more and more buyers seek to capitalize on low home prices, competitive bidding wars are on the rise. However, homeowners do not always award contracts to the highest bidders. For those seeking to snag a historic deal on an

Encinitas real estate property

, here are some tips for edging out multiple bidders and making your offer stand out from the rest.

  • Keep it simple: Ditch the contingencies and make your offer as clean as possible (without giving up necessary safety measures, that is). Resolve mortgage eligibility in advance and, depending on your confidence in the property and your agent’s advice, consider waiving the appraisal contingency for an even sweeter deal. Arrange to carry out any necessary inspections as swiftly as possible. And finally, complete all required documents in a neat, tidy and easy-to-understand fashion – no cross-outs, erasures, incomprehensible language or confusing clauses. A ready-to-sign agreement is much more likely to win over a seller than one that requires edits or is difficult to read.
  • Be flexible: Some sellers will want to close as quickly as they can; others will prefer more time. Find out where your target stands on the issue and offer to accommodate – whether it comes down to a 24-hour deal or a 90-day wait when shopping forEncinitas real estate.
  • Make it personal: Set yourself apart by writing an earnest letter to the owner of your desired property, explaining who you are, what you love about the home and how you will care for it as your own. After all, genuine emotions can sometimes win out over cold hard cash. Further personalize your offer by setting up a face-to-face meeting with the sellers, if possible – or at the very least, ask your agent to present your offer to them directly. The right agent will know how to woo sellers on their buyer’s behalf.
  • Sweeten the deal: Find ways to distinguish your offer with perks, from a higher deposit to a contribution to the seller’s moving costs. You never know what a seller might need or want – but it can pay to find out and offer to lend a hand in any way you can.

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