Eggleston, Boon elected to Rancho Santa Fe Association board


By Karen Billing

Kim Eggleston and Ann Boon have been elected to the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors, marking the end of one of the most hotly contested elections in Covenant history. Eggleston received the most votes in the election with 823 and Boon received 819. Candidate Dominick Addario received 740 votes and Susan Callahan received 689.

“Kim and I are both very happy with the results, especially the huge voter turnout,” said Boon, who was re-elected to the board. “It shows that people throughout the community are engaged and interested in participating in the governance of Rancho Santa Fe. Kim and I look forward to rolling up our sleeves and working not only with the members of the board but with all the members of the community as well. The Association board has many projects on the table and Kim and I want to focus on the positive things we can all do together.

“I also think that Dr. Addario and Mrs. Callahan should be thanked for their hard work and willingness to participate in the democratic process in Rancho Santa Fe.”

A total of 1,544 ballots were cast in the election, which Acting RSF Association Manager Ivan Holler said is the most in the history of the RSF Covenant. Previously the highest return on record was 1,314. All 1,544 ballots were counted by hand in about three and a half hours on Tuesday, June 10, at the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District by election inspector Bruce Bishop and his three assistants. Community members Rob Schaefer and David Moon also assisted in the opening of ballot envelopes.

One ballot was deemed invalid as it cast a vote for three people.