Do we need angels?


We are fortunate to live in this beautiful place with good friends. We enjoy this land, location, community, and the Protective Covenant. Plus, there are “angels” that will rescue us when they decide an elected board member exercised too much fiduciary responsibility. These self-appointed angels claim to have greater knowledge. They claim their enemies have an “agenda,” while they are completely pure. No charge for angel services, but is there a cost?

Claiming a board director or president can “hijack” the board with a personal agenda is absurd. Seven RSF Association directors have fiduciary responsibility and the right to all RSF Association information. If any director is not being lawful, civil, and professional, the six other directors must immediately say so. However, honesty is never determined by a majority vote.

If a director attempts to pass something negative or without merit, what is the harm of board discussion, member input, and a vote?

Removal of anyone elected who cares enough to serve is never justifiable. Not in 2014 or 2003. Angels believe their intentions are correct. Many think their tactics are sometimes ugly, harmful, anti-democratic, and damaging. What is more dysfunctional: Voting down a bad proposal 1 to 6, or removing a person from office? The cost of an ugly removal always exceeds the harm of the “lynch-able” offense claimed by the angels.

When the other side says: “It is not about the money,” one knows

it is

about the money. In our beloved Covenant, when self-appointed angels say it is about “disrespecting staff,” that usually means a director has asked for information the angels want to hide from us owners.

The cost to us? 1) Divisiveness between neighbors (sad because both love this special place). 2) Short-term squabbles instead of working on long-term goals. 3) Discourages honest, well-intended participation, and leaves bloodsport to the pros.

Is it reasonable only angels and the angel-approveds can serve? Many angels have served multiple terms on the RSF Association board, plus school, design, public boards, and committees. Their desire to serve is commendable, without conveying omnipotence. Members smart enough to live here are not so stupid as to need angel oversight.

It is said one deserves the government they elect. Let’s elect independent RSF Association directors who will represent our long-term interests. Self-appointed angels with presumed superior knowledge can fly back to their cloud.

Bill Strong

Rancho Santa Fe

Bill Strong, a member since 1985, served on the RSF Association board from 2001-04 (two years as vice president). He says he “tried to increase openness, promote friendly participation, and protect our rural character with size standards.”