Director raises issues with Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting minutes

By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting minutes were called into question at the March 6 board meeting. Director Ann Boon had extensive comments on the minutes for the Feb. 6 meeting, nearly two-and-a-half pages of corrections.

RSF Association Board Vice President Rochelle Putnam said in her time on the board they have rarely made any changes to secretary Daria Quay’s minutes, save for small punctuation mistakes.

RSF Association Board President Philip Wilkinson reiterated several times that the minutes are meant to be a summary rather than a verbatim recording, but Boon objected to the way her comments during the Feb. 6 meeting were portrayed.

“Minutes should not slant or misrepresent what a member said,” Boon said. “I personally take issue with the way they were written and the way board members were quoted.”

While the board accepted one change, the board did not support other deletions and additions. Putnam said she felt Boon was trying to incorporate her written statements from the meeting into the minutes, which Putnam said was inappropriate. Quay said she was being put in a very awkward position and couldn’t take everything down in that way.

Parliamentarian Bruce Bishop was in attendance at the meeting and said that the minutes do not have to be so detailed.

“From a parliamentary perspective what you’re required to do is memorialize the actions taken by the board and only actions,” Bishop said.

Bishop said as Quay suggested, any attempt to memorialize the character of statements made just invites problems and is just too “burdensome” on the secretary.

A motion was made to attach Boon’s board-unapproved comments to the minutes to get it on record, but the motion failed 4-3 with Putnam, Wilkinson, Jerry Yahr and Larry Spitcaufsky voting against it.

During public comment, one member suggested that in the interest of transparency, up-to-date meeting minutes should be emailed to members.