Diegueño Country School students perform ‘Where the Mountain Meets the Moon’



Diegueño Country School proudly presented “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” at the Garfield Theater Lawrence Jewish Community Center in La Jolla on Friday, April 25. The play was adapted from an award-winning book by author Grace Lin and directed by Bonnie Johnston. “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” delves into the cultural history and iconic imagery of ancient China. In this culminating work of the Diegueño Country School sixth-grade class, the students traveled an epic journey together as the main character, unhappy in her impoverished life, journeyed on a quest for the ultimate answer to change her parents’ fortune. This journey, marked by friendship and faith, proved to be a memorable one for the sixth-graders both in their lives and on the stage. They shared this meaningful story so it will not be forgotten.

Every year, each graduating class’s play is selected to reflect the students’ unique personalities and to celebrate the amazing abilities of the sixth-graders. Their performing arts skills are stretched through the dramatic arts experiences they have had during their years at Diegueño Country School. The directors of Diegueño Country School believe that their sixth-graders, like the Old Man of the Moon in their play, are learning the answers to life’s many questions through their intensive studies in a balanced curriculum that includes the arts.

The school is enrolling for the 2014-15 school year. Private tours are available by appointment; please call Sushma Patel at 858-756-0184.