Diegueño Country School Earth Fair Exhibition


Does the Earth wobble? What is a solar eclipse? Why are the oceans salty?

On March 21, students at Diegueño Country School attempted to demystify many of the mysteries of our planet through its Earth Fair Exhibition. Students presented their findings for these timeless questions through research, scientific experimentation, and easy-to-understand models.

Classrooms were transformed into interactive learning centers based on the following themes: All About Air, Plant Power, Earth In Space, Rocks & Fossils, Wild Weather, Oceans Alive, and Amazing Animals. Projects were showcased in rooms that resembled an underground cave, the ocean floor, a wooded forest, and a classroom orbiting in space.

In addition to informative student projects, the fair also hosted California’s largest Earth Globe, a 20-foot weather balloon, a hurricane simulator, a fun fossil hunt, demonstrations by the Mad Science Company, and exotic animals from the Emerald Rainforest.

The school is currently enrolling for the 2014-2015 school year. Private tours are available by appointment; please call Sushma Patel at 858-756-0184.