Diegueño Country School cultural and historical DIG study


This year, Diegueño Country School journeyed around the world for its cultural and historical DIG study, an archeological simulation. Every class researched a different continent to honor the physical and cultural geography of each region. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade used PowerPoint, Glogster, and Prezi software to demonstrate their rich understanding of each continent and teach their parents in an exciting format prior to their stage performance.

Following the classroom presentations, the children engaged in a dynamic stage presentation that took the audience on a cruise around the world that showcased fast-paced world-dance choreography, harmonious musical numbers, and clever narration in a tribute to each continent. For the grand finale, the three Diegueño Geography Bee finalists faced-off to determine the winner of the school-wide competition.

Students created artifacts to represent each continent, including: detailed sculptures, finely crafted embroidery, architectural replicas of landmarks, authentic musical instruments, cultural masks, ancient jewelry, and dyed cloth…just to name a few artifacts.

Diegueño Country School is currently accepting applications for the fall semester. Please contact Sushma Patel to schedule a tour (858-756-0184). Photos by Jon Clark and courtesy photos. For photos online, visit