Creating a supportive community through parents’ role in education


By Kevin Yaley, Head of Francis Parker School

Defining a

parent’s role in education

is simple enough: it is all about support, with space for student independence and respect for the school community. By setting a strong example and taking a balanced approach, parents can enable their students to flourish in the classroom and beyond – all while contributing to the mission and values espoused by their local school.

A parent’s role: from home to school and beyond

Parents are an integral part of so many student activities. From helping out with homework and maintaining discipline at home to attending back-to-school nights, assemblies and other events, from upholding financial commitments to their child’s education to offering their own time and energy in support of volunteer and fundraising programs at school, parents are an essential component of the academic system. But perhaps the most crucial way in which parents take part in education is through their support of the school’s mission and values, and by taking part in the community dialogue to determine the best environment and action to benefit their children. In this way, parents can help facilitate a stronger connection between students and educators, families and the surrounding community – and create a venue for learning that is truly integrated in its influences and structured to serve students in the best possible manner.

Here at

Francis Parker School

, we believe that parental involvement lies at the heart of our thriving school community, and do everything we can to foster camaraderie and communication among our Parker parents. New families are welcomed into the “world of Parker” with a match-up from among our returning families, making it easier for students and parents alike to familiarize themselves with the school and its mission. All parents take part in the Parents Association, and are invited to participate in everything from volunteer organizing committees for activities and fundraisers to the Annual Parker Gala – a yearly highlight designed to bring parents together for a fun and festive evening beyond the school walls. Finally, we offer a parents education program that covers issues ranging from practical parenting skills to the latest educational trends – all with a focus on open discussion and support for the social, emotional and academic health of our students.

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