Covenant residents: Are you registered to vote?

By Ann Boon, RSF Association board president

Well, sure I am, you say. You voted in the last Presidential election, right? Well, you may be registered to vote in the State of California, but that does not necessarily mean you are registered to vote in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant elections. Have you been receiving ballots each spring to vote in the Board of Directors elections? If not, you need to call the Association office and ask if you are registered. If you are not, ask them to mail you a registration packet.

At our last board meeting, a member asked how many registered voters there are in the Covenant and it appears that something like 40 percent of eligible residents are not registered. We are checking on the exact number, but it is way too big for a community like Rancho Santa Fe that prides itself on its engaged citizenry. We should be a model of democracy. We should encourage all eligible residents to register to vote.

Are you interested in questions like: How is my assessment determined? How does the Association spend my assessment? Who decides how the money is spent? What do we do if we have money left over? If you are interested in the answers to these questions, then you should want your voice to be heard — by voting. Call the Association office today at 858-756-1174. Registering to vote is easy — you just have to do it.