Covenant members who moved to Rancho Santa Fe within the past 10 years needed to serve on the Association board


Dear Fellow Covenant Members,

If you have moved here within the past 10 years, you pay around 75 percent of the RSF Association fee revenues. That’s correct. Your neighbors who have lived here longer, especially those who have resided here for 20-plus years, pay $200 to $800 annually while you pay $2,500 to $8,000 annually.

Now, who is represented in most years on your Board of Governors? Well, some may correctly guess, those who pay little and demand much.

If you all board your horses at Osuna and frequent the dinner and dances at the Garden Club you are getting your money’s worth. If, however, you use the Community Center with your children or want additional ball fields or want a pool or fitness center for you and your children, your Association fees don’t support those activities. Oh, in the case of the pool and the fitness center, they do not exist!

You can change that. Like some of last year’s board candidates, all you need to do is go to the Association office and place your name on the ballot.

You probably will not get a call from this year’s -----nominating committee, which has three members from “old” boards and two members from the current board. This system of nominating candidates for future boards perpetuates the current system of representation.

If you sit at home and don’t volunteer, you will continue to have your Association fees used to purchase garden clubs and old adobes. You may even have your fees increased to fund the maintenance of these facilities. Please get involved.

Jim Boon

Covenant resident of eight years.