Construction moves ahead on final phase of Fairbanks Ranch gates renovation project

Construction has begun on the final phase of the Fairbanks Ranch gates renovation project. Commuters and residents may have noticed that several trees came down near the private residential community’s entrances over the last week and portions of the bike lanes are now closed off San Dieguito Road.

According to the Fairbanks Ranch Homeowners Association, it took several months to get county approval and fine tune the building plans for the renovation of the manned entry gates. The Fairbanks Ranch community is accessed through six gates, all of which intersect San Dieguito Road. Renovation of the four secondary or “resident only” gates were completed along with the roadway medians in 2010. The main north and south entrances at the western-most end of the community are scheduled for demolition and renovation.

The Fairbanks Ranch Association had initially planned to renovate the north and south entrances consecutively, however, after carefully evaluating the work to be performed and the construction schedule it was determined the two main entrances should be renovated concurrently. The Association anticipates that this will allow the contractor to complete the project substantially earlier than originally anticipated and at a lesser expense.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Fairbanks Ranch Association’s traffic engineers, the eastern-most secondary gates have been designated as the temporary manned main entrances to the community. These gates were selected based on safety and engineering considerations.

Watkins-Landmark has been selected as the general contractor for this final phase due to its construction and engineering expertise. If the project continues to progress on schedule, the gates renovation should be substantially complete during the summer of 2012. The Fairbanks Ranch Association “would like to express its appreciation to its residents, guests, and service providers for the patience and consideration they have demonstrated during construction.” Questions or comments may be fielded to the Fairbanks Ranch Association management office at (858) 756-4415.