Community services, fire protection, SFID district races decided


Marking A Tick BoxJohn Tanner, Donna Ferrier and Dale Nelson won the three seats on the Rancho Santa Fe Community Services district board.

Tanner had 32.41 percent, Ferrier had 27.76 and Nelson had 21.55 percent. Laurel Lemarie was out with 18.28 percent.

Tanner also won the race for the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection district, with 48.65 percent of the vote. With two seats available, Thomas Hickerson also nabbed a seat with 33.83 percent. John Ramirez lost with 17.52 percent.

Andy Menshek won the race for Division 5 of the Santa Fe Irrigation district. Menshek led by 64.99 percent and Augustus Daddi had 35.01 percent.