Community Concerts of Rancho Santa Fe Outreach Program goes to La Jolla Country Day


By Gloria Bohrer

Community Concerts of Rancho Santa Fe recently continued the commitment to offer performing arts experiences for students in Rancho Santa Fe and the surrounding communities through their Community Outreach Pre-Concert programs.

On Friday, Nov. 9, choir students at La Jolla Country Day School participated in a “mini-concert” followed by a question and answer session with VoicePlay, (formerly 42Five), a group of five extraordinarily talented musicians.

The group began as a street corner barber shop quartet and evolved into an internationally-acclaimed touring group. Describing how they began their musical career in middle and high school, they also offered excellent advice to young people seeking careers in music. Each performer shared a personal story about the path they followed to become a part of this unique group. Using nothing but their voices, these young men recreate an entire instrumental band. Recognizing that the students were interested to know how this was done, they demonstrated how they create, vocally, the sounds of an entire orchestra. Unbelievable!