Cavalia extends show dates after huge local response


By Claire Harlin

Cavalia isn’t your ordinary horse show, and it’s surely not just for horse people.

The billboards for the live production, which opened at Petco Park on Nov. 13, are a bit vague, showing nothing more than a white horse and a quote from Tonight Show host Jay Leno: “The greatest show I’ve ever seen.” Much like the Montreal-based production itself, the advertisement leaves much to the imagination.

But after seeing the multi-disciplinary production, created by Normand Latourelle and described as “Cirque meets rodeo,” the reason why some 3.5 million people have also seen the show may make sense. Featuring more than 50 horses and 42 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from all over the world, the show is capable of inspiring or renewing anyone’s love for horses, while invoking thrill and excitement along the way.

Priced from $39.50 to $154.50, fans can immerse themselves into Cavalia at a number of different tiers — from great to mediocre seats, to free drinks and food in the “Rendez-voux Lounge,” to backstage access to the stars’ changing rooms (i.e. the horse stables).

Cavalia was planning to end in mid-December, however, it extended its show dates until Dec. 30 because ticket sales were so strong.

Latourelle said in a statement that Cavalia has had a local following in San Diego since the show came to town in 2004. Maybe that has something to do with the large horse-centric vibe exhibited through the stables of Rancho Santa Fe and the racehorses of Del Mar.

“That’s why we chose America’s finest city for the last stop of our North American tour before traveling to the land down under for our first ever Australian tour in early 2012,” he said.

Tickets to Cavalia are now on sale by calling 1-866-999-8111 or online at