Cathedral Catholic Prayer for Peace in Africa

Cathedral Catholic High School held a day of prayer for peace in Africa. Spearheaded by the school’s Invisible Children Club (but without any official connection to the Invisible Children organization) this day included the following activities to raise awareness and petition prayer for peace in Africa:

•Mass for Peace. Prayers will be offered for peace in Africa.

•Prayer pledges. From April 3-19, the Invisible Children Club distributed and collected pledges to and from students for prayers for peace in Africa. Additionally, students signed a large poster pledging prayer for peace in Africa that members of the student body signed. Pledge cards and the poster will be delivered to representatives from the Invisible Children organization.

•Peace-sign prayer (see photo above). During lunch on April 20, the student body gathered on the school’s grassy area forming a large human peace sign. Students remained in the peace sign as a service of prayer and song took place.

On Friday, April 27, representatives from the Invisible Children organization will be on campus presenting to social studies and religion classes. Prayer pledge cards and the poster will be presented to the representatives at that time.