California luxury real estate myths debunked: why you can and should buy now


By Janet Lawless Christ

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed many changes to the

California luxury real estate

market. After a seemingly endless streak of low prices and depressed sales, both began to improve across the board, spelling good news and greater health for the market in general. However, rising prices and rotating inventory soon brought myths of a buyers market that was “past its peak,” leading many to falsely believe that the time to buy was over.

In reality, the state of today’s luxury market is ideal for buyers and sellers alike. The fact is, many recent market changes are due to inventory shifts rather than considerable price increases. Prices may be higher than they were during the recession – but isn’t that precisely what we have been waiting for? When it comes down to it, homes in communities like Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar and Solana Beach are priced just right to entice buyers while still satisfying sellers, and to restore a market based on the sale and purchase of homes to be lived in, rather than mere commodities for investment.

The unsung benefits of a balanced market

In many ways, California real estate has been on a roller coaster over the past ten years. From boom to bust, from astronomical property values to rock bottom prices, real estate has come for many to represent a game of extremes. Given these circumstances, it is no wonder that, as we finally make our way back to a more balanced market, some buyers worry they’ve missed the proverbial boat. However, the simple truth is that everyone benefits from a healthy, active market – and for those in search of a wonderful new home, the timing couldn’t be better.

“Buy to live:” get the most out of your San Diego experience

Throughout San Diego’s luxury real estate markets, I would argue that prices have hit a “sweet spot” for all concerned. Unlike recent years, when stunning homes were selling for a fraction of their worth, today’s market can support fair prices that leave sellers feeling good about the value of their property. On the other hand, up-market buyers can afford these prices, and feel good knowing that they are making a long-term investment for a better lifestyle. By choosing to settle down in one of San Diego’s premier residential communities, a buyer is choosing to live the good life. Numbers matter, of course; but what matters the most is finding that place that makes you feel vibrant, grateful and happy to be alive.

Here in Rancho Santa Fe, I’m pleased to be part of just such a community. To learn more about our village, discuss homes for sale or request a custom quote for

real estate in Rancho Santa Fe

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