California fine art painter evokes stunning variety of native landscape

By Leigh Timmons

For many Californians and tourists alike, one of the state’s most distinctive features is it’s diverse landscape: a rare blend of mountains, deserts and beaches that unites many of nature’s most impressive features in a single, charmed locale. As a life-long local resident turned

California landscape painter

, Robin Hall may be among those most grateful and cognizant of these advantages. A passionate observer and perpetual student of the interplay between land, sea and light in her native state, Hall revels in the artistic bounty of her local scenery; and after years spent striving to, as she puts it, “figure it out,” Hall has happily succumbed to the realization that an artist is forever a student – one who submits daily to the challenge of capturing reality and grows stronger by never ceasing to learn.

This is not to say, however, that Hall is by any means lacking in either talent or technical proficiency when it comes to her artistic craft. On the contrary, after nearly 25 years as a professional artist, Robin Hall is an established impressionistic realist among her fellow California landscape painters – and while she may refer to herself as a student, there are many who would consider her breathtaking, light-saturated depictions of the Golden State as nothing short of masterful. The daughter of a professional painter, Hall always had an artistic streak; but it wasn’t until many years after forsaking art for a variety of other entrepreneurial pursuits that she rediscovered her calling in the form of a Santa Fe plein-air workshop that inspired her now tireless curiosity about the relationship between atmosphere, light, land and structure.

Upcoming exhibit to feature latest collection of Hall’s landscape paintings

Over the years, Robin Hall’s pieces have taken on a distinctive look – a blend of realism and impressionistic fluidity, rough edges and boundary-pushing colors, mist-tempered light and bright desert sunshine. Since 1992, she has enjoyed widespread success exhibiting her work throughout California and the greater Southwest; and now, Timmons Galleries is thrilled to announce a new exhibit of her latest work, hosted in collaboration with Art Expressions Gallery and launching in February 2012. Beginning with a private reception and opening to the public on February 3, the Robin Hall exhibit at our

Rancho Santa Fe art gallery

is sure to be a treat for local artists, collectors and lovers of the California landscape alike. To learn more about Hall’s work, visit her website at

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