Buzz: ‘Unfinished business’


By Jack Queen, RSF Association board president

As the 2011/2012 fiscal year comes to an end, both Dick Doughty and I will be leaving the board and I thought it might be time for a little reflection on the last 12 months. It has been a real pleasure for me to serve for the last three years with Vice President Doughty. He has been a stalwart director and a real delight to serve with. His interest in the historical nature of Rancho Santa Fe and his tremendous institutional knowledge gives him the ability to always be ready to take up the banner for the Covenant. Dick, I hope you will continue to stay involved.

In past “Buzzes” I have covered the Association’s accomplishments for the past year but there are a few things that I would like to title “unfinished business.”

First, with regards to the roundabouts, final comments on the EIR are expected soon from our community. Things have changed a lot since we requested roundabouts be considered instead of traffic lights on Del Dios. Improvements on both the I-15 and I-5 and 56 freeways, plus better access on Black Mountain Road have reduced traffic on Del Dios by approximately 20 percent! Perhaps a new direction could be given to the County to hold off on any permanent decisions as to roundabouts. I feel they will forever change the nature of Rancho Santa Fe.

The Association board took an important step forward on the Osuna project last week when it approved funds to reconstitute the outside facing of the Adobe, an important move to protect the adobe bricks and improve the appearance. In addition, funds were approved to prepare architectural documents so that bids can be obtained for the Adobe’s restoration. You may recall that the plans, which were presented to the board in 2008, were divided into three parts. Part one is now almost finished and it was completed on budget and consisted of removing the electrical boxes, etc. from the side of the Adobe and required undergrounding improvements to the entrance and the driveway.

The main house on the Osuna property is on the market and the Association has received several offers. So what is next? The most exciting aspect, part 1A of the plan, restoration of the casa! The adobe will be restored to an interpretation of its appearance in the 1860s, or Rancho Period, although some later features, such as the Lilian Rice fireplace, as well as the tile floor in the living room which was added in the 1920s, will be retained.

Our family has been involved in the restoration of an adobe in Central California and I can tell you that it is a most exciting project. I am anxious, therefore, to see our community get involved with and complete this important piece of Rancho Santa Fe history.

Lastly, POTHOLES! Yikes! I think we have the worst roads in the County. But great strides were made this year and thanks to Ivan and Pete, the pressure has been kept on the County. We had many roads improved this year, now it is up to you to keep the pressure on them.

Good luck, thanks for a great year, and thanks to our wonderful staff for making the job fun and almost stressless.