Buzz: Osuna Ranch property update


By Rancho Santa Fe Association President Jack Queen

When the RSF Association purchased the Osuna Ranch property almost six years ago it was for the 27 acres of open space and the historic adobe house. Also included in the purchase was a home located on the south side of the property that was not a major factor in the decision to make the purchase. About two years ago the board decided to sell off the home as we could see no foreseeable community need to use the house. It was felt the proceeds could be better utilized to improve the property and/or make a more strategic open space purchase. The first step in the process was to divide off the house with 3 acres as a separate legal parcel of land and this was completed about 60 days ago. The next step was to identify a local real estate professional to handle the sale for the Association at the best possible price. In order to be fair to all potential participants, the Association’s Finance Committee put together a formal Request for Proposal, commonly known as an RFP, seeking bids that would include: outlining a marketing plan, commission proposal, history of experience in marketing similar properties and proposed listing price. All potential candidates were required to be real estate agents that had their main offices in our community.

As you can imagine, we had a significant number of RFDs submitted and the proposals were very competitive. Based on the merits of their RFP, the number of applicants was narrowed down to a group of finalists and the actual person selected to handle the listing was chosen by the very scientific method of drawing the name out of a hat. Linda Sansone with Willis Allen was selected as our representative and the list price will be $2,000,000. If anyone has an interest in the property you can contact Linda or one of her associates at 858-775-6356 or

In addition to listing the house, other steps of the first phase of the restoration of the Osuna Rancho have been completed. The driveway and entrance have been brought up to Fire Department standards, electrical and other utility boxes are being removed from the adobe and a kiosk is being built to house them and the riding stables has been assessed as to its financially stability by the Finance Committee. As I have been quoted before, the Adobe itself looks worse today than it did six years ago. To date, with little funding, our Osuna Committee, chaired by past Association Board President Ron McMahon, has been hard at work on plans to restore the Adobe itself. As the oldest adobe in California still in its original location, it is being nominated for a California Historical designation and will, as determined by previous boards, be restored to a historical period of circa 1860 so it can promote the understanding and knowledge of the multi-culturally rich Rancho era. This is a very exciting time since once monies from the house sale are received, we can begin to see real progress on this valuable asset that I believe will join the Garden Club, the Rancho Santa Fe School, the Riding Club and the Inn as a center for cultural, education and entertainment activity here in Rancho Santa Fe.