Buzz: New playground, other updates


By President Roxana Foxx, RSF Association board president

On Saturday, Nov. 3, our community came together to install the new play equipment at the soccer fields. Thanks to the efforts and persistence of Heather Slosar and the Trails and Recreation Committee, the children’s play area is now becoming a reality.

Armed with ladders, drills and barbecues, about 12 members of the community and Association staff worked for the better part of the day to install the equipment.

The actual Grand Opening for the equipment will be on Saturday, Nov. 17, at 9 a.m. The plan is to have the community children form a “bucket brigade” to spread the ground bark around the play area. That should take a good part of the day and could prove to be more fun for the children than actually using the play equipment.


To supplement the excellent work of our Fire Department, and with oversight from our Committee on the Natural Environment, the Association has begun work on the first phase of addressing the fire hazard created by dead and dying trees and dry brush.

The initial work of removing dead vegetation from the roadways has been completed on La Noria and La Fremontia and will continue next week on sections of Via de la Valle. Thanks to special funding from our Community Services District, we will begin work on the removal of dead trees along Linea del Cielo next month. This is all part of what has become an ongoing effort to enhance the fire safety in our community.

On another community enhancement note,

the County will be resurfacing additional Covenant roads in the next few weeks. The roadwork will include Via de la Valle from Via de Santa Fe to Paseo Delicias, as well as Lago Lindo from Avenida de Acacias to Via de la Cumbre.

Finally, in keeping with my commitment to highlight benefits available to Covenant members,

I want to remind you about the option to purchase a Limited Playing Privilege at the Golf Club. The opportunity to play golf at the club is open only to Covenant residents, and there are a couple of ways you may exercise that right. Members who want to play golf on a regular basis pay the enrollment fee and annual dues for full membership privileges and unlimited play.

But an additional option is to purchase a Limited Playing Privilege. With this option, the enrollment fee and annual dues are waived, but your play is limited to six or 12 rounds per year. This playing option is popular during the holidays when friends and family are visiting. So if that new son-in-law or new daughter-in-law is an avid golfer, this just might be the enticement needed to make RSF the place to visit during the holidays. The Limited Playing Privilege is also an excellent option for Covenant members who are considering joining the club as full members but want to test drive the course first.

Give the Golf Shop (756-3094) or Jill at the Association office (746-1174) a call if you have any questions about the program.