Buzz: ‘Looking forward’


By President Roxana Foxx, RSF Association board president

As the newly elected RSF Association Board President this year, I am looking forward to a very productive year. With the addition of Rochelle Putnam and Craig McAllister to the board, I feel we have a very balanced board that will fairly represent our entire membership.

As president, one of my first goals will be to complete the work of the Community Awareness Committee and improve the lines of communication with our members as well as individuals looking to learn more about the Covenant. The first step in that process is the development of an updated website for the Association with links to all Covenant organizations and groups that want to participate. The new site will provide a one-stop source of information on the Association and community activities.

For those of us who are actively involved in the community, we take for granted many of the amenities that the Covenant has to offer, not realizing that many of our members are unaware of the opportunities that are available to them. I frequently run into Covenant residents who are not aware that the dining facilities at the Golf Club are open to all Association members at no additional cost. Every member is automatically signed up with your Association membership. All you have to provide to the club is your member number and you are all set. My husband and I had dinner there last week and it was one of the best dining experiences we have had in the Ranch in years.

In addition to improving community awareness we are also working on developing and improving broadband coverage for the entire community. The lack of access to electronic communication resources has a significant impact on many of our members. It is a concern that we are well aware of and need to research options and hopefully find a solution. We have also been evaluating ways to protect our rural environment through the efforts of the Committee on the Natural Environment. The committee is studying the availability of alternative water sources, different types of drought-tolerant plants and ways to address the significant number of dead eucalyptus in the community.

The board will be holding our annual retreat in early August to take a look at all of the issues and ideas that will impact our community and to formalize our goals and objectives and set priorities for the year. I am excited about the opportunities for enhancing our community this year and to bringing closure to some ongoing projects.

Finally, I want to personally thank Dick Doughty and Jack Queen for their time on the board and their commitment to our community. I feel confident that we will continue to see Dick at future board meetings and I know we will all run into to Jack in the Village area as he continues to support our local merchants.