Buzz: Art Jury appointees, board election

By President Roxana Foxx, RSF Association board president

After a great deal of recruiting effort, the Art Jury Nominating Committee has completed its task of identifying candidates to fill its two vacancies for 2013. Based on the recommendation of the committee and the Association board, the two members that are being appointed this year are Candace Humber and Linda Hahn. Candace has a BA degree in journalism from Sacramento and a BS degree in design from UC Davis. She is very familiar with the Art Jury process, having submitted plans for the construction of two homes during her 17 years as a Covenant member.

I want to express a special thank you to Linda Hahn, a current member and president of the Art Jury, who has volunteered to continue serving. I have worked with Linda during my time on the board and have found her to be thoughtful and fair. I would like to thank both Candace and Linda for giving of their time and expertise.

Speaking of nominations, December is when we begin the process of identifying candidates for the Association board. This year there will be three open seats as Anne Feighner, Eamon Callahan and I will be completing our terms on June 30, 2013.

At our Dec. 6 meeting, the Association board will establish our 2013 Board Nominating Committee. It is hard for me to believe that my three-year term is coming to an end in six short months. My time on the board has truly been a tremendous experience, and I would strongly urge anyone who loves the community and wants to be a part of the process to consider serving. If interested, contact the Association office at 858-756-1174 and ask that your name be submitted to the Nominating Committee.

And finally, as part of my continuing effort to make members aware of services available in the community, I discovered a service last week that solves a problem that I believe many of us have had. Over the years there has been some difficulty scheduling package delivery in Rancho Santa Fe — either at our post office boxes or to our home addresses, as they may not appear on some of the merchants’ data bases. By filling out a form with the Post Office and using their street address, the Post Office will accept packages on your behalf from merchants as well as from UPS and FedEx and hold them for pick up. The name of the form, for which there is no additional charge, is the “Customer Agreement for PO Box Services,” which is available at the Post Office.

On behalf of the entire Association board, I would like to wish everyone the happiest of holiday seasons and a prosperous New Year that is hopefully free from fiscal cliffs.