Buying investment real estate: why now is the time to get back in the game

By Vicki Johnson

As prices on everything from gasoline to rental units continue to rise, San Diego investors may be wondering how to safeguard their hard-earned cash; and according to a recent report in


magazine, so-called “real” assets like real estate are among the safest investor options under such market conditions.

Investment real estate

is a secure option for those looking to “diversify portfolios and mitigate volatility” – and in today’s market, a combination of low prices, low mortgage rates, rising rents and limited vacancies make for an ideal investing climate.

Recent Zillow estimates indicate a 3% nationwide increase in rental rates over the last year, as well as an increase in demand for rental properties among would-be homebuyers unable to secure loans. As rental trends rise, investment opportunities abound for individuals with the means to purchase homes at low mortgage rates and convert them into rental units. Commercial and even governmental entities are seizing the chance to purchase such properties – and investment and real estate industry experts are encouraging individuals to join in and take advantage of low up-front real estate investments with the potential for long-lasting and stable returns.

Home prices in San Diego and California have remained low since the start of 2012; but the truth is, this trend cannot last forever. Therefore, today’s investors are faced with the rare and fleeting opportunity to capitalize on both low prices and record low mortgage rates – and to then be in the enviable position of accruing returns from renters whose need for housing is on the rise. Whether you are interested in taking the home buying plunge for yourself or as an investment, an experienced real estate agent can help you maximize the value of your purchase and manage the complexities of property investments for a smooth, secure and satisfactory experience.

Expert investment advice and guidance from a local San Diego real estate agent

San Diego is home to so much vibrant activity, from a thriving downtown to charming beach cities, inland residential communities and university campuses. Rental units will always be in demand throughout San Diego county – and potential investors can rest easy in their decision to purchase

San Diego investment property

, provided they first consult an experienced real estate agent for market advice and guidance. As a seasoned real estate agent with extensive experience throughout the San Diego area, I pride myself on excellent customer service and client satisfaction. Contact me today to discuss your real estate investment ideas and options, peruse listings, or get answers to your questions: