Buying a home in San Diego: decode the latest market news with help from a real estate expert

By Vicki Johnson

Buying a home in San Diego

should be an exciting adventure; but for many prospective buyers, fast-changing statistics concerning loans and market inventory can be a major deterrent. Time and time again, buyers who are ready to purchase a home hold off, plagued by doubts about the market. But the truth is, real estate numbers and projections are only party of the equation – and the degree to which they should influence buyer activity depends entirely on each individual’s goals.

After a post-recession period of sluggish real estate growth, San Diego has seen a relative boom in home prices over the past few months. And with buyers racing to take advantage of historic affordability, inventory is growing tight. Put together, these trends suggest a tough market for prospective buyers. But that all depends on what each buyer brings to the table. Depending on where a buyer is looking to purchase property, or the state of his or her credit, the latest news may be highly relevant – or utterly useless. Ultimately, when it comes to decoding the local market, a buyer’s best ally is an experienced real estate professional.

Identify real estate goals – and make the market work for you

Whether you are on the hunt for a vacation home or a permanent residence, a retirement retreat or an investment opportunity, a local real estate agent can help you decide when, where and how to make a move. It doesn’t matter if you make $50,000 or $500,000: the right home is out there, and all it takes is the right agent to make your ownership dreams a reality.

As a long-time real estate agent here in San Diego, I have worked with clients across the spectrum – and know that everyone gets anxious about the buying and loan approval process. The key is to put your best foot forward as a well-prepared buyer; and after years of experience in the San Diego markets, I have the expertise and insider perspective to tailor each buyer’s approach for optimal success. When we submit an offer on your dream home, the seller will know you are a ready, willing and qualified buyer. Don’t let changeable market updates and dubious industry reports dictate your future: contact me today for a complimentary buyer’s consultation and pre-approval analysis personalized to suit your individual budgetary needs and goals. Learn more about

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