Boon to again lead Rancho Santa Fe Association board


By Karen Billing

Ann Boon has once again been elected president of the Rancho Santa Fe Association board in a 4-3 vote. At the June 19 RSF Association board meeting, director Craig McAllister made the motion for her nomination, which was supported by Boon, Heather Slosar and Kim Eggleston. Rochelle Putnam, Philip Wilkinson and Jerry Yahr voted against the motion.

Boon was re-elected to the RSF Association board this spring. Boon served as president of the RSF Association board earlier this year but was removed as president at a Feb. 20 meeting. Directors voted 5-2 in favor of her removal, with Boon and director Craig McAllister voting against the ouster.

“The board lost confidence in Ann’s leadership and felt she was no longer the right person to run the board,” RSF Association Vice President Rochelle Putnam said at the time.

While some members of the community agreed with the board’s decision, others did not and when two RSF Association board seats were up for election this spring a hotly contested election race took place. Eggleston received the most votes in the election with 823 and Boon received 819.

“Kim and I are both very happy with the results, especially the huge voter turnout,” said Boon at the time of her re-election. “It shows that people throughout the community are engaged and interested in participating in the governance of Rancho Santa Fe. Kim and I look forward to rolling up our sleeves and working not only with the members of the board but with all the members of the community as well. The Association board has many projects on the table and Kim and I want to focus on the positive things we can all do together.”

At the June 19 RSF Association board meeting, McAllister was named vice president in another 4-3 vote and Eggleston was named the new treasurer in a unanimous vote.

Outgoing board president Philip Wilkinson said despite some distractions and controversy this year, the board was still able to achieve many accomplishments. Wilkinson said he is confident that the current “smart, dedicated and hard-working” board will be able to continue to face future issues together.

“I think this is a very strong board and I feel positive about going forward,” Wilkinson said.

Outgoing treasurer Larry Spitcaufsky also praised Eggelston, who will be taking over the position he held for the last three years working as a liaison to the finance committee.

“I’m glad to hear he’s coming in, I think he’ll do a great job,” Spitcaufsky said.

Eggleston will join the board at its next meeting on July 3.