Boon may be replaced as Rancho Santa Fe Association board president

By Karen Billing

Rancho Santa Fe Association Board President Ann Boon said in a statement that she expects her fellow board members to vote to remove her from her seat as president at a Feb. 20 Association meeting. The board is using its option to hold a second monthly board meeting on Thursday, Feb. 20, and an item is listed on the agenda as “Office of the president of the board.” The next agenda item is to elect board officers.

Boon said in her statement that she convened an executive session meeting on Feb. 14 as requested by three board members to discuss “the office of the president.” Boon said in the statement that “After discussion, there was a vote and I was removed as president of the Association board. Because it was a closed session I cannot tell you anything more about the meeting, including the vote tally.

“The February 14 meeting may have been precipitated by a letter to the board of directors signed by a powerful faction of RSF residents who represent a certain point of view in our community,” Boon said in the statement. “In the past they have tended to dominate the discussion. I take a different view on important issues. They clearly do not like someone with my views serving on the board. These individuals have every right to oppose my candidacy at the ballot box. I only hope that personal attack on me will not intimidate others from participating and voicing a different point of view. I would also point out that their letter is full of factual inaccuracies. The letter refers to comments I made at a regularly scheduled open session board meeting held on February 6, 2014.”

In her statement, Boon said she was disappointed that the Feb. 14 meeting was closed and that members could not attend. She said that the community should demand greater transparency from the board.

Boon said in the statement that she will remain on the board and plans to play an active role as a director. She said she has already filed documents to run for the board again in the spring elections.

“I hope I will be re-elected but win or lose I am proud about what we accomplished during my term and have no regrets about serving on this board,” Boon said in the statement.

RSF Association board members did not respond to requests for comment by press time for this newspaper.

Also on the Feb. 20 agenda is an item to elect an acting secretary and acting manager, a job held by Pete Smith. Smith is currently on sick leave.

The Feb. 20 meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at the RSF Garden Club. Look for a report on this meeting online at and in next week’s RSF Review (Feb. 27 issue).