Ballots for Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club purchase vote to be mailed


By Karen Billing

The ballot for the vote on the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s $2.4 million purchase of the RSF Garden Club will be mailed on April 4. At the Association’s March 20 meeting, the board approved the letter that will be sent out accompanying the ballot.

“It is a very neutral letter and doesn’t take one side or the other,” said RSF Association President Philip Wilkinson.

RSF resident Marion Dodson pointed out that the letter said the petition that triggered the vote was received in “opposition to the proposed sale” when, in fact, those who signed were protesting that the majority of the board did not want Rancho Santa Fe members to vote on the issue. Some that signed were not opposed to the sale, she said, but just wanted the opportunity to vote after the deal had been negotiated.

The language in the letter is exactly what the petition says as required by RSF Association bylaws, but the board agreed to change the language in the letter to read that a petition was received “in accordance with Association bylaws.”

Ballots must be returned by 5 p.m., Monday, May 5. The votes will be counted in the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District board room on May 6 at 2 p.m. The board appointed election assistants Rob Schaefer, Kathy Stumm and David Moon to oversee the counting of the ballots.