At Martin Katz: The perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe — Fancy yellow diamonds


Fancy yellow diamonds or canary diamonds as they are also called, are the perfect alternatives to your white diamonds. Think of them as “the feel good diamond” — they evoke happiness and sunshine, you can’t help but smile when wearing a yellow diamond.

As you may already know, the scale for white diamonds starts at D color, and runs all the way down to Z color. When you think about it, there is a continual range from D color pure white, colorless all the way through to a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond. On one end of the spectrum you have completely white without any traces of yellow whatsoever, and on the other end of the spectrum you have a diamond that is fully saturated with yellow and no traces of white whatsoever. The yellow grading starts at Fancy light yellow, Fancy yellow, Fancy Intense yellow and finally, Fancy Vivid Yellow. This Fancy Vivid Yellow is the opposite of the D colorless diamond.

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