Aston Martin San Diego Drive

Guests received the VIP treatment and an exclusive test drive experience of an all-new Aston Martin at the Aston Martin San Diego Drive event held Aug. 22 at a private estate in Rancho Santa Fe. The event was hosted by Aston Martin San Diego and Laura Barry Estates.

The Aston Martin marquis “has been known for its luxury sports cars since its founding in 1913. The brand’s British roots are steeped in refinement and power, and its cars are award-winning for their well-perfected blend of play and performance. The current model year is no exception: Centered on six key models (The Aston Martin Vantage, DB9, Rapide S, Vanquish, Zagato, and CC100), the range has earned numerous awards and has been extremely well-received by sports car enthusiasts, both domestically and abroad.”

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