Rancho Santa Fe Association addresses security concerns of new site


The Rancho Santa Fe Association’s new website launched last week in the Association’s ongoing efforts to broaden its communication platform. RSF Association Manager Bill Overton said that following the launch they received both kudos from the community as well as concerns about privacy issues.

“From a global standpoint, the website is absolutely safe,” Overton said.

He said the company, MembersFirst, has launched over 900 sites in the last 10 years, including the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club’s site and has never had a problem.

What the launch did uncover was that many people had not changed their default passwords so it was possible for people “inside the family” to know what a neighbor’s password might be and see their information, he said.

At the meeting, one member admitted to signing into RSF Association President Ann Boon’s account.

Overton said no financial information would be visible, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, just information such as tee times and dinners.

“We addressed several concerns one by one and solved the problems,” Overton said, noting for many it was a case of just changing their passwords.

Members questioned why they weren’t notified ahead of time about the password issue and Overton said they just had not anticipated it — the same ability to access information has always been possible on the Golf Club’s site and has never been an issue.

Overton said just like with any online account, members should change passwords frequently and use symbols, numbers and capital letters for security purposes.

Last week the RSF Association sent out an e-mail blast and mail reminder about password protection.