Rancho Santa Fe Association adds $30K to effort to develop water source for golf club


At its October meeting, the Rancho Santa Fe Association approved contributing $30,000 toward efforts to bring an independent water source to the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club. The club will also be contributing $30,000.

The Association expects that a potential solution could be presented at its Nov. 5 meeting, whether it is to use reclaimed water or to use the well on the golf course.

RSF Golf Club Manager Al Castro said the funds will get the club to the point where viable options will be defined, and they will be able to put budget numbers on the alternatives to bring water to the course.

The additional work includes studies of hydro and geological services, testing of the well and water quality, and more research on brine disposal, development of a potential reverse osmosis system, and treatment facility upgrades that would be necessary.

“It’s important to note that this is the first time since the well was drilled that we are working on defining a realistic resource for brine disposal,” Castro said.

The club has been working with the Santa Fe Irrigation District and the RSF Community Services District to explore partnerships for water solutions.

“This benefits the whole community, not just the golf club,” RSF Association President Ann Boon said, noting that the course serves as a community greenbelt, and if hydro-geological studies indicate there is enough water from the resource, it could be used on the Rancho Santa Fe sports fields as well.