Association Buzz: Looking ahead to the next year in Rancho Santa Fe



As the newly elected Association President I would like to welcome new members Heather Slosar, Philip Wilkinson, and Jerry Yahr to the board. I have worked with all three of them over the last two years on various projects and I am very impressed with their ability to get things accomplished and their commitment to our community. I would also like to thank the recently retired Directors Roxana Foxx, Anne Feighner and Eamon Callahan for serving on the board and keeping everything moving in the right direction.

I am looking forward to working with the board to identify some additional community enhancement projects for the upcoming year but, in the meantime, we are starting the year off with a full slate of projects currently in the works that need to be completed.

First, we are working closely with the Garden Club to cover all of the outstanding issues in order to complete the purchase of the facilities. We have had tremendous support from the membership of both organizations. We are now making sure that all the legal and structural fine points are thoroughly addressed.

Secondly, working with the Golf Club, we are in the process of conducting a community-wide membership survey to develop a better understanding of the makeup of our community and the services our members would like to see in the future. I encourage everyone to complete the survey before the July 22 deadline. This survey addresses all services and facilities in the Covenant and is for ALL Association members, not just members of the Golf Club. The survey only takes about 15 minutes to complete — slightly less for non-Golf Club members. You can find the survey online at If you have any questions, or if you would rather receive a paper survey, please contact Nadine at (858) 756-1174 or Shannon at (858) 756-7463. Your input is very important and will be used to help set the stage for future plans to enhance the community.

Finally, based on community input and as the board agreed in its Feb. 7, 2013 meeting at the Garden Club, we will be setting up a special committee to review the various options of controlling the flow of traffic on Del Dios Highway. This committee will be looking at all options, including signals, roundabouts and the possibility, as well as the ramifications, of leaving it the way it is with stop signs.

In addition to completing these ongoing projects, we will be wrapping up the study of possibilities for strong wireless service to the entire community, finishing the update to the Association website and working with the Golf Club to complete the Golf Club Master Plan for the course.

It is obviously going to be a busy year. This board intends to be very productive! I am looking forward to serving our community as President.