Rancho Santa Fe Association board elects Fred Wasserman as president

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board worked its way through a full agenda on July 7, tackling a variety of organizational issues including electing a new slate of officers. Fred Wasserman was named the new president of the board, Ken Markstein was elected vice president and Janet Danola was elected treasurer.

The meeting was held at the RSF Golf Club, which Wasserman said he hoped was more comfortable for attendees than the Association’s board room. The board room has been crowded over the last months’ meetings, and attendees have had to sit in overflow chairs outside the board room and, in some cases, on the floor. Wasserman said the board plans to hold all of its meetings this year at the RSF Golf Club to give attendees a little extra space.

Wasserman prefaced the meeting’s public comment session with a statement about the tone of future meetings.

“Be respectful of others in the room and confine your remarks to suggestions and ideas. We want that kind of participation,” Wasserman said “(Public comment) is not an opportunity to comment on or personally attack people who work in the Association or board members.”

The packed July 7 agenda included appointing members to committees, approving committee charters, and appointing committee liaisons.

A new charter was approved for the audit and finance committee — Wasserman said when he first started, there was no charter for the finance committee and they were kind of “rebels” in what they were supposed to do. The committee charter was updated and “tightened up,” as well as adding some audit responsibilities.

The board also approved a new charter for the governance committee, created in July 2015 to straighten out the Association’s governing documents. The new charter gives the committee broader responsibilities, including reviewing documents to ensure compliance and make recommendations to the board, review budgets and presentations for compliance, review legal issues identified by auditors, investigate illegal activities, review the performance of legal counsel and review active litigation and recommend courses of action.

Wasserman said the intent is for the committee to be “a place to receive problems brought to the board, so they can be handled in a thorough, professional fashion.”

The governance committee charter also includes a list of qualifications for members.

The board also formed an ad-hoc committee to conduct a search for a new manager, following the resignation of Bill Overton. The search committee appointed includes Wasserman, Danola, Markstein and Rachel Leheny.

RSF Association Director of Planner Tom Farrar provided a planning department update on the addition of 42 two-hour parking spaces in the village, which was approved in the last month by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The implementation is planned to occur toward the end of August.

As the county expands green curb-parking spaces, Farrar said they have also asked the county to consider angled parking in the village, which will add more spaces for visitors and employers without affecting the traffic flow.

The county’s work queue also includes the resurfacing of San Elijo and El Camino Del Norte roads. The repaving of San Elijo is expected to begin in the next four weeks.