Arroyo proposal, broadband update


By RSF Association President Jack Queen

We had our largest member turnout in some time at the last meeting to discuss the proposal of installing children’s play equipment on the Arroyo property. The concept is a very good one, but the board struggled with the Arroyo as the location. The presenters had thoroughly investigated all aspects of their proposal, including the design, maintenance, liability, and community involvement to install the equipment, but the location on Arroyo created concerns for the board due to the remote location and impact on current users.

The board did approve funding for the project, but asked board members Eamon Callaghan and Larry Spitcausky, and the Trails and Recreation Committee, to work with the presenters to find an area more centrally located. During the course of our studying the proposal, I was pleased to see the RSF School offer the entire community the use of their play equipment during the weekends, and for the Village Church to open up their play yard, as well, during the week. The Village Church’s facilities were designed and built by the same company that was proposed for the Arroyo property.

The board also held a brief retreat afterwards to take a look at where we stand on the priorities for this year. The number one priority is still to get a handle on the lack of broadband coverage for the community. As with most projects, this one is turning out to be more of a challenge than originally anticipated. The committee is currently in the process of meeting with all of the current — as well as the potential — service providers to completely explore all the options available. It appears, at this point, that there is not going to be a universal fix for the entire community, but a combination of different services for different areas. The time-consuming part is that there are a lot of potential options to run down and there is no clear fix that will meet the needs of everyone. The committee does not anticipate that they will have a preliminary report until the first part of next year.

It was fun to have such a nice, enthusiastic crowd at the last meeting so let’s do it again. Come out on the 17th, have a cup of coffee and give us a little input on any thoughts you might want to share with your board.