Another technology rollout coming for Rancho Santa Fe School


By Karen Billing

At the May 2 board meeting, the RSF School board is expected to hear a recommendation for the next technology rollout at R. Roger Rowe School. Currently the district has 1:1 iPads at the middle school level, and the K-6 classrooms have six per classroom in addition to desktop computers. Getting more iPads in the elementary school classrooms will be a topic of conversation.

“We’re going to turn our focus to fifth and sixth grades,” said Superintendent Lindy Delaney, noting the district is working with those teachers on their needs.

Ben Holbert, technology director, said that K-6 teachers would be doing a walk-through this week to observe 1:1 classrooms and start to think about how they could apply 1:1 to their classrooms.

Delaney said the 1:1 program in middle school has gone “beautifully” this year. Students haven’t lost any of the devices and damage has been minimal.

“I thought that we would have three or four times the problems that we’ve had,” Holbert said, noting that he doesn’t know if it’s luck, the product or the district’s planning that has allowed the rollout to run so smoothly.