Adjustments made to plan for Rancho Santa Fe housing development


By Karen Billing

The developers for the Crosby Enclave, a proposed 13-home housing development on Del Dios Highway, have responded to the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s stated opposition to a plan amendment last year by making adjustments to their plan.

In September, the RSF Association board voted unanimously to oppose a specific plan amendment for the housing development due to concerns about the density of the project and visual impact as just about all of the rooftops would be visible from the highway.

The developer, California West Communities, now plans to reduce the height of the most visible home from Del Dios Highway to a single story and to increase landscape screening. In light of the changes, the RSF Association board recommended a change from specific opposition to general opposition.

“The nuance change is consistent with the RSF Association’s efforts to provide additional recreation fields outside the Covenant,” said RSF Association Assistant Manager Ivan Holler, noting that the original planning for the property included a small commercial center and a recreation field.

The option for that plan expired in 2008 and three-single family detached homes took its place. California West Communities is seeking a specific plan amendment to build 13 homes on the site instead of three, transferring dwelling units from inside the Crosby to the 7,000 to 8,000-square-foot lots just outside the main gate.

The County Department of Planning and Development Services is likely to recommend that the project be approved, Holler said.